Supply Chain Management & Logistics Management

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Start: 9 Nov 2023
End: 10 Nov 2023


United Arab Emirates

Supply Chain Management & Logistics Management

Learn the process of integration and maintenance of goods in an organization with Beshir Adi Training Center’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management Course

The objectives of this course are to provide the student with:

1. An understanding of the primary differences between logistics and supply chain management

2. An understanding of the individual processes of supply chain management and their interrelationships within individual companies and across the supply chain

3. An understanding of the management components of supply chain management

4. An understanding of the tools and techniques useful in implementing supply chain management

5. Knowledge about the professional opportunities in supply chain management.

Course Outline

• Introduction to supply chain management
• The management components of supply chain management
• Eight supply chain processes 8.0 Electronically linking the supply chain
• Supply chain performance measurement
• Developing and implementing partnerships in the supply chain
• Implementing supply chain management
• Exams and presentations
Training Method

This stimulating course will maximize the understanding and learning through lecture, discussion, case studies and practical activities.

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Supply Chain Management & Logistics Management​
9 Nov 2023 – 10 Nov 2023
Location: Dubai
AED 4500