About Beshir Adi Professional Training Center (BTC)

Beshir Adi Professional Training Center (BTC) offers courses that are proven and guaranteed to improve skillsets to boost
performance. Let’s learn more about BTC and how we can work together.
We provide proven methodologies that is proven to increase performance
and practical skill sets. We are under the Beshir Adi Management & Consultancies
(BMC) established in the UAE with a history in the region dating back years ago. Our
unsurpassed knowledge of the local market will definitely be an advantage to help individuals and companies. Our multinational trainers have
immense regional and global experience with years of corporate

experience at the highest quality.

We are an organization that utilizes the best multi-cultural trainers from
different industries, which is why our courses were all highly recommended by

everyone who attend our sessions.

BTC focuses fully on ensuring that delegates acquire the practical skill sets
necessary to be applied in the workplace. Based on real-
life experiences of course tutors, who themselves hold key positions in various
businesses and industries, attendees can be assured of the practical applications to each subject. Our courses are modern and relevant as we
constantly update our content from all industries and market situations. BTC offers
highly interactive public courses in Dubai and can also create customized

courses to meet your company’s specialized needs and objectives.

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