Brand Management

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Start: 9 June 2023
End: 10 June 2023


United Arab Emirates

Brand Management

The importance to not only strategize brand management but also to effectively execute and deliver results which are measurable.

This course will equip you with the core concepts of Brand Management and how to manage it with the right techniques and framework.

Additionally, will also give thorough insights into the best marketing practices used internationally by big and established brands.

Course Outline

By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:

  •  Full understanding of brand imperatives, to ensure the success of organization, product or service.
  •  Create a powerful brand positioning statement that reflects the brand promise and the expectations of the target customers.
  •  Build a fully aligned, brand-focused operation.
  •  How to measure brand equity, track and maximize it.
  •  Familiarize with the branding process and conduct a full brand audit.
  •  Full understanding about the dangers and pitfalls of ignoring the laws of branding.
 Introduction
  •  What is a Brand
  •  Importance of Brands and WHY it Matters?
  •  A Brief History of Brands
  •  The Modern Branding- Challenges and Opportunities

   Brand Management & Brand Planning

  •  The Concept of Customer-Based Brand Equity
  •  Building Customer-Based Brand Equity
  •  Three Tools to Facilitate Brand Planning
  • – Brand Positioning Model
  • – Brand Resonance Model
  • – Brand Value Chain Model

 Brand Management Elements

  • – Developing Brand Vision
  • – Establishing Brand Position
  • – Fulfilling Brand Contract
  • – Communicating Brand Position
  • – Understanding RoBI (Return on Brand Investment)

 The Strategic Brand Management Process

  •  The Branding Process: Some Useful Strategies, Tools & Models
  •  The Elements of the Strategic Brand Management Process
  • – Identifying and Establishing Brand Positioning and Values
  • – Planning and Implementing Brand Marketing Programs
  • – Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance
  • – Growing and Sustaining Brand Equity
 Brand Equity and Identity
 Building Brand Portfolios
  •  Branding Philosophies:
  • The Branded House
  • Sub-Brands
  • Endorsed Brands
  •  The House of Brands
  •  Brand Growth Strategies
  • Flanker/Fighting Brands
  • Line Extensions
  • Brand Extensions
  • Successful and Unsuccessful Brand Extensions
  • Types of Brand Architecture: Product-Brand, “Branduit,” Range Brand,
  • Umbrella Brand, and Endorsement Brand


  • Brand Evaluation
Training Method

The training will be conducted in a friendly, inclusive and professional atmosphere, which is conducive for different learning styles, but respects each attendee as an individual and ensures each individual is challenged and achieve maximum benefit from the course. Our goal is that attendees will be highly engaged and encouraged to be participative.

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Brand Management

9 June 2023 – 10 June 2023
Location: Dubai