Financial awareness is one of the most important aspects of any business. Get world-class insights into finance and accounting best practices to plan costs and budgets, analyze costs, detect frauds and improve profitability. We offer internationally accredited finance training programs like CIFP .
The Certificate in Financial Modeling (CIFM) certification is a comprehensive global certification exam designed to assess a candidate’s expert level understanding of Financial Modeling with Excel on investment management including equity, fixed income, alternative investments, investment banking, financial advisory, financial engineering and corporate finance decision making.
This program tests a candidate on his capability to develop a disciplined and systematic approach to take financial and investment decisions with the help of excel tools.


• To understand the higher aspects of Financial Management

• To improve the ability of participants to concentrate on critical financial aspects of business and make better management decisions

• To have a grasp of concepts that impact international businesses and financial systems


• To help participants understand managerial concepts and warning signs that could affect business