Content Marketing and Online Presence

Course Details

Session: 2 Days

Hours: 8 Hours /Day

Mode: Face to Face / online


United Arab Emirates

Content Marketing and Online Presence

Everything you post and share online can positively benefit or negatively impact your company’s or personal reputation. In this course, the trainer takes you through the essential steps and practical tools on how to manage, protect and improve your reputation online. The trainer will take from real-life case studies and examples of social media mistakes and offers practical, easy-to-do steps on being proactive and using social media to your advantage whether in professional or personal.
Key Learning Points:
  • B2B & B2C Industry- Understanding the role Content Marketing
  • Understanding how effective Content leads customers through the path of purchase.
  • Creating and planning content calendar
  • Different Content Marketing Tools.
  • Knowing How Measure the reach of Content.
  • Understand why personal and business reputation matters.
  • Different effective ways to protect a reputation in a digital world
  • Different Tools which help
  • How to defend a reputation attack

Course Content

  • Your Online Reputation is your Key to Success
  • 5 Highly Effective Steps for Online Reputation Plan
  • Boost your search engine results & why it is essential
  • The Different Online Reputation Tools
  • Reputational Attacks and how to manage them- personal or corporate
  • How to Make Your Staff Your Brand Ambassadors
  • What really is Content Marketing.
  • Why does Content Marketing matter in today’s world?
  • Understanding your Audience and why your content should be evolving
  • Why Content Planning is Essential
  • Mapping content to the customer journey.
  • Examples of Content that Works- and how to create them!
  • Why you need Digital Proof readers checking at your content.
  • Content Marketing Tools.
  • Different Tips on how to build relationships with the Media.
  • Generating different Content Marketing examples
Who should attend?
This course is highly designed for business owners, new and experienced marketing and communication staff and managers who want to gain more practical experience in creating content to engage with their audience.

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Content Marketing and Online Presence