Customer Service Excellence

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Session: 2 Days

Hours: 8 Hours /Day

Mode: Face to Face / online


United Arab Emirates

Customer Service Excellence

It is a tough competition in most industries, price and even quality no longer assures the deal. Even worse, customers who do not receive quality service are turning their backs on companies and use social media to inform the world about their experiences!

Companies must ensure to provide excellent service so customer’s experience will differentiate them from the rest of the competition. Providing great customer service is a highly effective method of achieving long term customers and acquiring new one too. This is relatively simple to implement and a cost-effective measure.

This course will give you a step by structure to incorporate excellent service to the company’s culture and processes.

Key Learning Points
  • Improve and maintain a professional and consistent level of customer service.
  • Identify and manage customers’ service expectations.
  • Identify and use highly effective communication techniques.
  • Learn how to build an excellent rapport with customers.
  • Implement the “extra mile” approach
  • Let the staff understand to make sure that customers are more important than always.
  • Be proactive and anticipate needs

Course Content

  • Understanding the importance of customer service.
  • The qualities of good customer service?
  • Learning to handle complaints and escalations effectively.
  • Effective Communication styles in providing excellent customer service
  • Dealing with different personality types.
  • Evaluating customer service – using the information effectively.
  • The hidden costs of poor customer service.
  • Focusing on customers’ needs and satisfaction-
  • What are Customer perceptions.
  • Human Relationship factors.
  • Projecting a Positive Body Language.
  • Managing customer expectations
Training Method

This course is a busy workshop designed to help attendees develop, improve and customer service interactions, techniques and strategies.
The BTC Course Tutor will take each participant through the step-by-step customer service techniques essential to the before, during and even after sales services.

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Customer Service Excellence