Document Control Essentials

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Start: 19 November 2023

End: 20 November 2023


United Arab Emirates

Document Control Essentials

Companies need to undergo continuous improvement activities, daily operations and changes that correspond to document content – administering all these documents, making it accessible and keeping it current. Today’s regulated companies must track and manage all documents from different departments, plant locations, customers, vendors and regulatory agencies.

Course Outline

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Champion best practices in Document Control, understand their requirements and their benefits
  • Explain the requirements for Document Control, traceability, auditability, quality, consistency
  •  Benchmark / compare their current practices against best practices
  •  Identify possible improvements to their current practices / system and contribute more effectively to the success of their organisation
  • Understand the role of the Document Controller, his/her interfaces, the boundaries of the profession
  • Understand the theory and rationale behind Document Control practices
  • Be more proficient and effective in daily Document Control tasks and activities
1. Introduction to Document Control
 What is Document Control and the role of the Document Controller
2. The Basics of Document Control
 Document control checks and gatekeeping
3. Document Identification
 How to make sure that document are identifiable
 Means of identification (numbering, metadata, document description, file naming…)
4. Document Classifying, Filing & Information Security
 How to organise documents and manage information security
5. Documents Lifecycle
 What is the lifecycle of technical documents? Document creation, modification, review cycle,
comments, approval: How to manage documents at each step of their life
 How to avoid misuse of obsolete documents
6. Document Distribution
 How to ensure an efficient and relevant distribution of documents
7.A Project Document Control
 Specifics of Project Document Control; Managing deliverables; Flow of project documents
 Interactions with Client, Contractors, Sub-contractors, Suppliers, Vendors
 Master Deliverable Register (MDR)
7.B As-Built and Final Documentation
 Specifics of As-Built / Final Documentation
 Document Controller tasks during As-Built phase
8. Document Control Procedures and Specifications
 Why do we need procedures? Which subjects should be included in a Document Control
9. Electronic Document Management Systems
 Which software packages are used by Document Controllers? What are the functionalities of
Document Control Software Packages? How can it help Document Controllers?
Training Method

The training will be conducted in a friendly, inclusive and professional atmosphere, which is conducive for different learning styles, but respects each attendee as an individual and ensures each one is challenged and achieve maximum benefit from the course. Our goal is that attendees will be highly engaged and encouraged to be participative.

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Document Control Essentials

19 November 2023 – 20 November 2023
Location: Dubai