Effective TeleSales Skills & Techniques

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Session: 2 Days

Hours: 8 Hours /Day

Mode: Face to Face / online


United Arab Emirates

Effective TeleSales Skills & Techniques

Telesales in today’s market isn’t easy. Buyers are sophisticated and often wary of telesales professionals. That’s why you need critical skills to succeed.

This 2 day course has a proven sales methodology that teaches sales professionals who sell over the phone, how to establish connections, build relationships and trust, close confidently, create value in their offerings, and dramatically improve their sales effectiveness with modern customers.

By the end of this training course participants will be able to
  • Gain the skills and confidence to expertly handle both outbound and inbound calls to create a positive sales interaction
  • Build stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships by adding value to the sales interaction Win more business by quickly uncovering what is most important to the customer and persuasively presenting the right solution(s)
  • Win more business by quickly uncovering what is most important to the customer and persuasively presenting the right solution(s)
  • Quickly create connections and build trust with customers – using a consultative approach
  • Achieve the coveted status of “Trusted Salesperson” and exceed customer expectations
  • Reduce and overcome objections from customers by adopting a proven approach

Course Content

  • Identifying customers’ needs and expectations
  • The “Six Steps to Sales”
  • Introductions and professional telephone discourse
  • Creating positive vocal impressions on the telephone
  • Dealing with typical accent and language challenges
  • Questioning & problem-solving techniques
  • “Upselling” techniques -turning queries into sales (Inbound calls)
  • Turning complaints into opportunities
  • Identifying an “Edge” over competitors
  • Establishing a Potential Client Base
  • Techniques for making Outbound calls
  • Expressing ideas in a logical sequence
  • Listening skills (active & reflective listening)
  • Overcoming objections
  • Handling difficult calls
  • Call closure: Sealing the sale and ending the call
  • Following-Up Sales Calls
  • The “Happy Prisoner” Concept
  • Setting and achieving sales
Training Method

The training will be conducted in a friendly, inclusive and fun atmosphere, which is conducive for different learning styles, but respects each attendee as an individual and ensures each one is challenged and ensures each individual is challenged and achieve maximum benefit from the course. Our goal is that attendees will be highly engaged and encouraged to be participative.

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Effective TeleSales Skills & Techniques