Sales Foundation for Non Sales People

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Session: 2 Days

Hours: 8 Hours /Day

Mode: Face to Face / online


United Arab Emirates

Sales Foundation for Non Sales People

Non-sales staff have a unique opportunity to build strong rapport and gain confidence and trust. This course is designed to equip staff with no sales background with the skills, knowledge and behaviour that they can use to enhance the customer experience and increase product sales through a consultative approach.

By identifying client needs and understanding the drivers for their buying signals, you can better position which products and solutions would work for them and how your product features are relevant and beneficial.

Course Objective

Non-sales staff will gain a proactive approach to core sales tactics and the ability to positively impact sales performance for the company.

Their necessary sales skillsets will uncover new business opportunities and enable deeper customer relationships as well as drive sales value. Participants will develop the confidence to deepen their business relationships with customers and embrace the philosophy that everyone ultimately is vital to the sales process in today’s markets.

Course Content

On successful completion of the course delegates will
  • Develop an improved recognition and willingness to make a positive impact on sales.
  • Understand the transition between service and sales and make the transition.
  • Widens perspective and have the skills to see your business from the client’s perspective.
  • Develop skills needed interact with, understand and persuade customers.
  • Empower staff to take the fear factor out of selling.
  • Develop and help acquire personal resilience skills.
Key Areas Covered
  • The changing environment and face of selling in the 21st century.
  • The moving business-all staff have at least the basic skills to be in sales
  • Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity. The new (ABC).
  • Attunement -understanding and harmonize with the customer
  • Buoyancy staying positive despite the sea of rejections
  • Clarity – The clear-cut way to explain products or services.
  • Personalization – the use of gathered info from customers to work to the staff’s advantage.
  • Giving the client ease of transaction – a simple approach to closing sales.
  • Extra Mile – giving the client more for a possible repeat business
Training Method

Delegates can bring their notepads, and, there may be a few print-outs, but there will be a lot more discussion, healthy debate, improvisation, use of role-play, individual and group dynamics.

The training will be conducted in a friendly, inclusive and fun atmosphere, which is conducive for different learning styles, but respects each attendee as an individual and ensures each one is challenged and ensures each individual is challenged and achieve maximum benefit from the course. Our goal is that attendees will be highly engaged and encouraged to be participative.


This course will have a maximum of 10-12 people who will be selected based on the type of business they are in and their job role to ensure a thorough mix of industries, ideas and experience.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for staff such as technical staff, support staff, engineers, administrators or any customer-facing staff.

Whether staff communicates with customers on the phone, by email or face to face you will gain an understanding of the sales process and psychology making greater confidence in your ability to deal with customers.

It is also of interest to non-salespeople who need to understand how to successfully gain support for their products, service and ideas through uncovering company needs and highlighting benefits or value.

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Sales Foundation for Non Sales People